Please pick me

I would like to attend IEPTO1: Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 1

Years ago I started a new job,  and I was setting up a scheduled job to Shrink our production DataBase. Proud of my accomplishment, I showed my new boss what i had done.  He promptly explained to me  “you don’t want to do that” This was going to cause me some confusion. My new boss is smart,  but so is my old boss,  and he told me I should always shrink the database. Then he told me “I went to a conference and the speaker was the guy from Microsoft who wrote the shrink,  and he says not to do it.” and he sent me a blog post to read.  This was my introduction to Paul Randal and SQLskills.  I view them as a final authority when there is conflicting information on the internet,  and I would love the opportunity to learn from them.

In my current position, I am the go to person for all problems related to SQL performance.  The problems are very specific like “The website is too slow” “something is wrong” and my favorite “are you doing something to the database?”  I have a bunch of tools I use to try to figure these out,  but I often feel like I am just guessing,  I am always able to fix it  but I don’t necessarily know why.  It’s kind of like when my hot water heater stopped working;  I looked at it for a little while and I noticed a red button,  I pushed it and it started up again.  (Don’t get me wrong my SQL skills are far better than my plumbing)  SQL has a lot of Red buttons,  I want to know which ones to push,  but more importantly I want to know what they do so I can know why to push them.

My favorite tuning challenge. I have an extended events session setup to log blocking and deadlocks,  I love going into it and finding processes that are blocking each other and figuring out a way to allow them to coexist.



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